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Words and Ears and Brains

“Panic: I knew my ears and my brain couldn’t possibly keep up with this.” Continue reading

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Let ’em spin

“It’s hard to argue when everyone has a microphone except you.” Continue reading

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Opera tickets, going cheap

Here’s a couple of pie charts for you, showing the income and expenditure of the Royal Opera House in 2014: The sector to which I’d like to draw our attention is “Box office receipts” on the income chart, making up … Continue reading

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Nixon / Nixon / Nixon

“…even with such an almost endless wealth of material, both factual and fictional, to chew on, you only ever feel you’re scratching the surface of Nixon’s innermost thoughts and motivations.” Continue reading

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Acting outside the 98

“In other words, great acting and awful acting are not as far apart as logic might suggest.” Continue reading

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I want to be an opera singer: should I read my reviews?

“I love you, you’re perfect, now change.” Continue reading

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Pursuing Goals: Marcus Geduld on Acting

“You need only three things: voice, voice, and more voice!” Continue reading

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