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Coronaclassical 27: Not Just Cricket

Opera and sport face up to similar challenges – and for the same fundamental reason. Continue reading

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Giving It Away: Classical Music in Lockdown and other fairytales

On sale today: The Book of the Blog Continue reading

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Inarticulacy of a Football Fan

A lot of people have written about the death of Gary Speed over the last few days, and most of them far more eloquently and with greater personal knowledge than I ever could. I grew up watching Gary Speed playing … Continue reading

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Between the Ears

In terms of professional performance, there is a technique for everything, and everything is technique. Continue reading

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Wait for the Fat Lady!

Our entire artform depends on unfolding a story before an audience, and the success of that is in our ability to play the story as if it is unfolding for the first time each time we do so Continue reading

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