Tõnis Rüütel




Those who have met him will have fond memories of their encounters with my father-in-law, Tõnis Rüütel. On Tuesday afternoon Tõnis and his friend Mati Heinsar were driving in Latvia when they were involved in a collision with a tractor and trailer on the A9 west of Riga. Mati, who was driving at the time, was killed by the impact. Tõnis, by some miracle, survived, and is currently in intensive care in hospital in Riga. Opera Vlaanderen have very kindly given my wife Kai time off rehearsals, and she is visiting him today. Our thoughts are with Mati’s family and friends, and if you could find time to raise your thoughts, prayers and/or a generous glass of vodka to the recovery of Tõnis’ health, that would be very much appreciated.

Postimees – Lätis liiklusõnnetuses sai viga kinnisvarafirmade liidu tegevdirektor Tõnis Rüütel

Eesti Päevaleht – Mati Heinsar: südamega mees, kes hoidis isa mälestust ja sooje inimsuhteid




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