Eva Ganizate

Sitting in the Green Room of Clonter Opera a few summers ago, the one working computer terminal was occupied by a glamorous, feisty young French soprano. We were a few days into rehearsal; she was adding her new colleagues as friends on Facebook, and was rifling through our mutual friends. She spotted someone she liked, and asked me how I knew him. I ummed and ahhed for a few moments. “Eva, when you get to my age, you’ll remember that you know people, but you won’t always remember how you met them.” She expressed incredulity. I extemporized – “For instance, in a few years time, I’ll know who you are, but I won’t necessarily remember that it was here that we met.” She tossed her mane of black hair, pinned me with a dark-eyed stare and pouted scarlet as only a French woman knows how. “Paul. You will never forget me.”

She was right, I didn’t. And I was wrong. She never got to my age. Eva Ganizate died on Saturday, her 28th birthday, in a cycling accident in France. Her many close friends can and have expressed all that she meant to those who knew her better than I could – follow the link to Natalya Romaniw’s tribute to her below. Eva was a force of nature, a fabulous singer, fiery, committed, with a passion for her art which was deeply felt and only partially tamed. This meant that at times she could be unpredictable on stage; that’s something that could and would have been honed over time; that spark of artistic fire is the one thing that can’t be taught, and the one thing that’s necessary in a true star. Eva was one, and by all who had the privilege to know her, she will be sorely missed. And never forgotten.


About Paul Carey Jones

Paul Carey Jones is a Welsh opera singer. He should be writing about the current state of the classical music business but might well digress into science, politics, football or cheese. You can contact him via comments here or at: paulcareyjones@gmail.com
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