Baritonal Tenorials.

We’re back in rehearsal today at Clonter Opera for the revival of their Cenerentola. Driving down the M6 this morning, it struck me that, whatever people think of the company, I really like Starbucks coffee; and also that Placido Domingo was not only a brilliant tenor (I was listening to the Cappuccilli/Ghiaurov/Moll recording of Rigoletto with him as the Duke), but also an unequivocally tenorial tenor.

I’ve tried extensively, but I just can’t square what I hear with the cliched description of his singing as having a baritonal quality. Pavarotti was very tenorial, and Domingo sounded different. But different is not the same as opposite, and if anyone could describe Domingo’s singing, at his peak, of the tenor repertoire as baritonal, then they’re using a definition of the word that I’ve yet to come across.

Also, I’ve noticed that Cappuccilli often comes in for a fair amount of stick from online comment posters, and I really don’t get that either. The man could sing.

About Paul Carey Jones

Paul Carey Jones is Welsh and also Irish, and he used to be an opera singer back when that was a thing. He should be writing about the current state of classical music but might well digress into science, science fiction, politics, football, cricket, cheese, or driving unimpressive cars. You can contact him via comments here or at:
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